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Flights on demand

Flights on demand

Tamara Niger Aviation is an air transport company based in Niamey, Niger. We operate across Niger and surrounding countries and we are particularly familiar with airports/airfields in remote areas.

Our charter flights will offer you more flexibility while serving virtually any destination in the region, with itineraries that are tailored for every flight and on your own schedule. 

We are proud to offer:

  • Experienced pilots and extremely reliable airplanes,

  • A vast knowledge of desert operations and remote airports/ airfields,

  • An impeccable safety record,

  • Excellent availability of service on demand.

Our aircrafts will allow you to fly in total comfort and are equipped with the latest technology and safety equipment. Our fleet consists of 1 Dornier 328-110, 4 Beechcraft B1900D and 1 King Air 200.

Our experienced and highly qualified team will meet your needs by developing a personalized solution for you or your business. The flexibility of our options ensures that your personalized experience begins before you even leave the ground.

Tell us what you need and we will offer you the best option with unmatched flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind.


Cargo charter

Tamara Niger Aviation offers economical, fast and reliable air cargo transport services to virtually any city in Niger. 

Our dedicated sales team will assist you in your request and offer you the best available option. 

Feel free to contact us in order to receive complete information on the various possibilities and offers regarding the transport of your cargo.  

Cargo charter

Medical charter flights


Tamara Niger Aviation has become a trusted supplier of medical air transport services. We provide 24-hour medical air transport from our main base in Niamey. 

We can arrange the proper aircraft, if you are in need of :

  • a Medevac (a flight that a sick or injured person takes when they require medical care during transportation to or from a medical facility) or

  • a non-emergency medical flight (the patient needs to fly on a stretcher or in more comfortable conditions because of an illness or special needs but does not need special care during the flight).

Our crews are supported by our flight dispatch office, whose main purpose is to ensure an efficient and safe transfer for the patient.

We operate Dornier 328, King Air 200 and B1900D type aircraft, which have become a world benchmark in medical evacuation operations from isolated locations. They are also equipped with the latest generation of navigation equipment and will be the perfect air ambulance for your medical transport need. 

Contact us for more information!


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